Podcaster Lisa McNamara discusses culturing endangered razorback sucker at the Palisade High School Fish Hatchery with fish culturist and high school senior Kiera Stephen and science teacher / PHS fish hatchery manager Pat Steele .

Palisade High School, Palisade, Colorado — March 27, 2024- Local Palisade Podcaster Lisa McNamara from the “Postcards from Palisade” cam to the PHS Fish Hatchery and interviewed student aquaculturists Kale Potter and Kiera Stephen, science teacher/hatchery manager Pat Steele from the Palisade High School Endangered Fish Hatchery and Mike Gross from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Kiera and Kale explained numerous aspects of fish biology and their favorite activities in the PHS Fish Hatchery as well as what they have planned in future years. Mr. Steele elaborated on the importance of this unique project and how it fits into various class curriculum at PHS and it’s value to the Palisade community. Mike Gross explained some unique aspects of endangered razorback sucker and some of the history of how this grass-roots project started.

Listen to the Postcards in Palisade-PHS Fish Hatchery podcast here!!!