Biology Committee Meeting Conference Call Summary

April 14, 1998

PARTICIPANTS: Larry Crist, Frank Pfeifer, Leo Lentsch, John Hawkins, Tom Pitts, Mike Carnevale, Robert Forrester for Bill Davis, Henry Maddux, Tom Czapla, and Angela Kantola.

1. Review/modify agenda - the agenda was modified as it appears below.

2. Short-term Facilities Needs -

a. Review of identified needs - Tom Czapla said he is revising the table discussed in the last conference call. In that table, broodstock needs are based on the Genetics Management Plan (for one broodstock of each species) and production needs are based on estimated future needs (including those from draft stocking plans). Tom Czapla said he thinks where we'll be short on facilities is in growout ponds. If we had a broodstock for each of the stocks and species, then we need 15 acres for 3 broodstocks of razorback; 1 acre for 1 broodstock of bonytail; 3.8 acres for humpback, and 7 acres for Colorado squawfish. This totals ~27 acres for broodstock. We currently have ~25.7 acres projected. With 6 more ponds at Wahweap, we'll be over 27 acres of pond space. Henry said he thinks we need to decide if we need to hold humpback broodstock, noting that he doesn't believe we need to do so. John Hawkins suggested focusing on short-term needs. Tom Czapla said we facilities for 3 stocks of razorback broodstock, what we need are additional growout ponds for production (as per the Program Director's recommendation for constructing additional growout ponds with FY 98 capital funds). Frank Pfeifer said that they have several ponds they can lease for additional razorback growout space in the Grand Valley as soon as they have fish to put in those ponds. John Hawkins noted that we need to make a stocking plan for razorback in the middle Green River a priority. The Biology Committee agreed. >Henry suggested that Tom Czapla and Chrissy Wilson work on preparing that plan within the next month and a half. Leo agreed to that approach (Utah lead).

Tom Czapla said he thinks we have enough space for bonytail production with the recommended 12 ponds at Wahweap (need to check with Utah that we've agreed upon 12 ponds, however). Colorado has preliminarily identified a need for Colorado squawfish stocking in the upper Colorado River, and we don't have pond space for that at this point. Frank noted that we also don't have indoor tank space for raising separate lots of these squawfish. The Committee discussed whether FY 98 capital funds could be spent for a facility, and generally felt that it probably wouldn't be possible to spend funds on a facility until plans are developed. >Henry will ask Colorado if they'd be willing to speed up development of their stocking plan just for the upper Colorado. And we need to determine how we'll meet the production needs associated with that plan (including facility design). Perhaps facility design could be done in FY 98. >Henry agreed to add facility design (and NEPA compliance, if needed) to his FY 98 capital funds recommendations. >Henry will talk to Reclamation to make sure they do the design work in FY 98 and find out how much it will cost. The Committee agreed with Henry's recommendation for an additional $550,000 to construct ponds and a water delivery system at Wahweap.

3. Other recommendations for FY 98 capital funds - Larry Crist said he was comfortable with the recommendations. Tom Pitts and Frank asked if there was any opportunity for more work on fish passage and Henry said that Reclamation said they're not far enough along on the Roller Dam design to obligate more funds. Apparently, Reclamation hasn't yet decided whether to remove Price-Stubb or build a fish passage. Either Price-Stubb or the Roller Dam will need a fish trap so that nonnative fish can be removed. The Biology Committee still feels that getting those structures in place is a high priority; so if there's any opportunity to move those ahead, then that's a higher priority than fish screens. >Larry Crist will ask Reclamation to provide a full update on passage at the Management Committee meeting.

4. Frank Pfeiffer gave an update on the Black Rocks humpback offspring - As previously reported, they lost all the adults; they had 60 of their offspring last July, but now they're down to April only 9. Frank recommended putting them back in pond with adult razorbacks. Leo asked to go ahead and transfer them to Wahweap.

5. May 21 meeting in Grand Junction from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Agenda items: Genetics Management Plan, etc.

Summary of Biology Committee Recommendations