Meeting: Colorado River Management Committee, Denver, CO

Date: February 26-27, 1997

Attendees: See Attachment 1

Assignments are highlighted in text

Items to be discussed on the next Management Committee conference call (March 10)

Major decisions made by the Management Committee at the February 26-27 meeting:


1. At future Management Committee meetings, "Action Items" (assignments) will be on the agenda, and a report will be given on the status of accomplishing those action items.

2. Solicit input from Biology Committee on following questions:

a. Will the questions posed in the 6/13/96 levee removal evaluation scope of work be adequately answered if levees are breached at 5 sites (plus Old Charlie Wash) along the Green River, or do we need to breach levees at additional sites? What would be the implications of a decision not to breach additional levees in FY 97 and FY 98 on the overall emphasis of our flooded bottomlands strategy?

b. Should we delay habitat restoration along the Green River? If so, for how long?

c. Should we shift habitat restoration from the Green River to the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers?

d. How many endangered fishes do we need to stock to adequately evaluate species' responses to recovery actions (e.g., nonnative control, habitat restoration, flow management)?

e. For each river basin, what is the proper balance among Recovery Program elements (e.g., stocking, flow management, habitat restoration, nonnative fish control, etc.)?

f. Should flooded bottomlands be operated to benefit endangered fishes and prevent benefitting nonnative fishes?

g. Is the goal of 10 razorback adults per river mile in the Gunnison River balanced (RIPRAP page 48, IV.A.1.b.)?

Peter Evans and Pat Nelson will refine the questions to be posed to the Biology Committee. Draft questions will be reviewed and discussed at the March 10 Management Committee conference call.

3. After the Management Objectives are completed, the Management Committee would like the Biology Committee to consider the need for propagation and augmentation of humpback chubs.

4. Peter will ask the Colorado Division of Wildlife for a lake management plan for Highline Reservoir.

5. The Program Director's Office will bring copies of the marked up final draft revised RIPRAP and FY 98 Program Guidance to the Recovery Implementation Committee meeting on March 6, 1997.

RIPRAP Revisions

1. General Recovery Program Support Action Plan

Page 20. Delete II.B.1. "Coordinate and support activities to resolve contaminants issues."

Page 21. Revise II.C. "Develop and issue paper . . ." such that the Phase I issue paper is completed and sent to the Biology and Management Committees in March 1997, at which time the committees will decide whether to precede with Phase II. If so, II.C.1. and II.C.2. are to be completed by 12/97; II.C.3. by 9/98.

Pages 28-48. Revise fish passage and diversion screen dates based on Bureau of Reclamation recommendations (2/21/97 memo from Brent Uilenberg to Management Committee).

2. Green River Action Plan: Duchesne River.

Page 34. Revise I.D.1. "Determine feasibility and benefits of coordinated reservoir operation." and I.D.2. "Implement coordinated reservoir operation." Gene, Larry, and Henry will develop text.

3. Colorado River Action Plan: Mainstem

Page 39. Revise I.A.3.C.1.c. "Execute an agreement among the Service, Reclamation, and the River District to permanently dedicate up to 6,000 af of water from Wolford Mountain Reservoir to benefit the endangered fish in the Colorado River." Use Water Acquisition Committee recommendations with disclaimers such as "if necessary and/or if feasible."

Page 40. Revise I.A.3.c.(3)(d)ii)b) "Collbran Project; enter contract." Robert will work with Brent, Larry, and Peter to revise language prior to Recovery Implementation Committee meeting.

Page 41. Revise I.A.3.c.(3)(f)ii) "Grand Valley Water Management Project; protect." Language will be developed by Brent and Angela.

All other suggested RIPRAP changes were marked in the margins of the draft RIPRAP document. A marked up copy will be distributed at the Implementation Committee meeting for review.

Program Guidance Revisions - Discussed by Committee and changes marked in the margins of the draft Program Guidance document. A final revised draft will be distributed at the Implementation Committee meeting for review.

Decisions on Program Guidance Proprietary Issues

1. When submitting Program Guidance recommendations, Recovery Program participants should follow the standard format, and should not submit detailed scopes of work.

2. Program Guidance and scopes of work that are submitted to the Recovery Program become public information.

3. The Program Guidance section entitled "Recommended Principal Investigators" will no longer be included.

FY 97 Capital Funds Update

1. (Annual funds: $17K for Horsethief food will come out of annual Recovery Program funds [$15K from DNA fingerprinting project #29; $1K from Service budget].)

2. Reclamation's proposal for funding outstanding FY 97 needs was approved, including $55K for a water tank at Wahweap and $5K for pond reclamation NEPA.

3. Although the Leota L-10 site won't be used for propagation as originally planned, some funds will be needed for pumping, as previously agreed to with the Refuge. Remaining funds go back into capital projects contingency

Duchesne River Scope of Work

Approved for 1 year (through the end of FY 97).

March 6, 1997, Implementation Committee Agenda

Added to agenda:

1. Revised projection of long-term capital costs.

2. Recovery Program status update.

3. Programmatic opinions update.

Washington, D.C. Trip

1. Scheduled for the week of April 7, 1997.

2. The Program Director's office will develop the briefing booklet.

3. Ad-hoc long-term legislation group needs to meet in March.

Ruedi Reservoir Contract

The Recovery Program does not want to pay $11M for a 15-year contract.

Sufficient Progress Review

1. Management Committee members will send comments to Larry Shanks or John Hamill by Friday, February 28.

2. Larry Shanks said the Service's sufficient progress letter will go out by the end of March 1997.

Next Meeting

A conference call will be held on March 10, 1997, 2:30 p.m. The next Management Committee meeting will be scheduled at that time.

Attachment 1

Colorado River Management Committee, Denver, CO

February 26-27, 1997

Meeting Attendees

Management Committee Voting Members:

Brent Uilenberg Bureau of Reclamation

Chris Karas Bureau of Reclamation

Peter Evans State of Colorado (via conference call)

Tom Pitts Upper Basin Water Users

Barry Saunders Utah Division of Water Resources

Larry Shanks Fish and Wildlife Service

Robert Wigington Environmental Groups

John Shields State of Wyoming

Clayton Palmer Western Area Power Administration

Nonvoting Members:

Angela Kantola Acting Recovery Program Director

Recovery Program Staff:

Henry Maddux Fish and Wildlife Service

Pat Nelson Fish and Wildlife Service

Tom Czapla Fish and Wildlife Service


Cliff Barrett CREDA

Jack Garner Bureau of Reclamation

Gene Shawcroft Central Utah Water Conservancy District

Larry Clever Ute Water Conservancy District, Grand Junction, Colorado

George Smith Fish and Wildlife Service

Gary Burton Western Area Power Administration (via conference call)

Ray Tenney Colorado River Water Conservation District


Management Committee

Mail Stop 65115

March 4, 1997


To: Management Committee

From: Acting Director, Colorado River Recovery Implementation Program

Subject: February 26-27, Draft Meeting Summary.

I have attached the subject group memory for your information. If you have any comments, you may provide them at the next Management Committee meeting.

/s/ Angela T. Kantola


cc: Management Committee Consultants

and Interested Parties

Biology, Water Acquisition, and

Information & Education committee members

bcc: RO rf

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