Management Committee Conference Call Summary

March 10, 1997

2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Participants: Peter Evans, John Shields, Robert Wigington, Angela Kantola, Tom Pitts, Brent Uilenberg, Chris Karas, Ray Tenney, Milo Barney, Clayton Palmer, and Connie Young.

1. Washington, D.C. Trip:

Trip participants will include Tom Pitts, Milo Barney, Peter Evans, Dan McAuliffe, Ray Tenney, Angela Kantola (or someone else from the Service), Robert Wigington or Audrey Pritchard (from The Nature Conservancy in Washington, D.C.), John Shields, Brent Uilenberg (if he's allowed to participate). >Clayton Palmer will have Joe Hunter get trip details from Angela in case Joe would like to participate.

a. Hotel information - ten rooms are on hold at the Holiday Inn Capitol hotel, 550 C St., SW (one block south of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum). >Trip participants are to call Kathy Wall (303/236-2985 ext. 225) as soon as possible and she will make their reservations.

b. Scheduling - Participants should plan to be in D.C. from Monday morning, April 7 until noon Friday, April 11. Tickets may be cheaper from Colorado Springs than from Denver.

Monday: Department of Interior.

>Brent and Angela will set up meetings with Reclamation's Commissioner, the Service's Acting Director, and the assistant secretaries.

Tuesday (all day) - Wednesday morning, April 9: House delegations and subcommittees.

Wednesday afternoon - Thursday morning: Senate delegations and subcommittees.

>Peter, Milo, and John will set up meetings with the appropriate House and Senate delegations (usually staff). >Tom will try to arrange meetings with Reclamation's authorizing and appropriation subcommittees in both the Senate and the House. >Robert will work with TNC staff in D.C. to arrange the meetings with the Service's authorizing and appropriation subcommittees in both the Senate and the House. We need to talk with majority and minority staff of the subcommittees (sometimes can be in one meeting, sometimes separate). Meetings should last 30-45 minutes.

Thursday afternoon - Environmental groups.

>Robert will ask Dan Luecke to schedule these meetings.

Friday morning - Anglers and Western Governor's Association.

>Peter will set up these meetings (& locations).

>Everyone will post meetings as they're scheduled to the FWS-COLORIVER listserver (subject line MC: D.C. Trip Meeting). >Angela will compile a calendar, post it to the listserver, and update it as meetings are added to the schedule (subject line MC: D.C. Trip Calendar #).

c. Support letters - >Tom will draft letters from the delegations to the subcommittees as well as the water user organization letter (by Wednesday or Thursday). >Angela will call Tom Tuesday morning with amount in the Service's FY 98 resource management budget request. The governors' letters will mirror the delegation letters. >John Shields will fax out a copy of the letter that Wyoming's governor sent last year to his delegation members asking for their support.

d. Briefing book - A status update on the fish (in a user-friendly text format) will be added close to front of the book. Accomplishments should include hatchery facilities and stocking efforts. Upcoming events should include planned stocking efforts. After funding requests, the order will be changed to: accomplishments, upcoming events, fish population status and goals, overview, recovery elements, geographic scope, long-term funding legislation, delegation support letters (including last year's governors' letters and upper basin water users' letter), then trip participants (including e-mail addresses). The map will be moved to the inside front cover.

>Connie will try to send out a draft to Management Committee members and Program coordinators for review by the morning of March 20. >Tom will mail a packet of all the 1996 support letters to Connie.

>Angela will try to prepare an updated Section 7 table and totals for the trip.

2. Next Management Committee meeting:

Thursday, May 15, Denver, Fish and Wildlife Service, 9:30-5:00. The Committee hopes to be able to consider responses from the Biology Committee regarding the list of questions they sent to them, as well as other agenda items which will come up by then..

>Brent Uilenberg mentioned that he will work with individual parties on the Collbran RIPRAP issue (raised at the Implementation Committee meeting last week) to try to can reach common ground. Angela asked him to keep Henry Maddux involved.


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