Management Committee Conference Call Summary

June 12, 1998
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Participants: John Shields, Peter Evans, Brent Uilenberg, Bob Norman, Chris Karas, Larry Shanks, Barry Saunders, Robert Wigington, Tom Pitts, Clayton Palmer, Dave Mazour, Henry Maddux, Gary Burton, and Dave Soker.

1. Review/revise agenda - The agenda was modified as it appears below.

2. FY 98 capital funds budget

The Committee discussed FY 98 capital projects which are behind schedule and won't expend all of their obligated funds:

Of the one million obligated for Grand Valley water management, Reclamation recommends keeping $400K for the Palisade pipeline portion of the project. The land acquisition portion of floodplain restoration had $50K for NEPA compliance; of which $45K remains. Under levee removal, $250K for Colorado River is unobligated. Of the $300K allocated for Price-Stubb and Roller Dam fish passage acceleration, only about $100K will be expended. Of the $500K for hatchery facilities, $300K will likely be spent for the squawfish hatchery building at 24 Road. For Wahweap fish ponds, $1.1 million was obligated. Utah has not yet done anything to spend any of this money. Hopefully, they can still do contracting and design work this fiscal year. Reclamation recommends leaving this money there for now.

Grand Valley water management $600,000
Floodplain land acquisition NEPA $45,000
Floodplain levee removal (Colo. River) $260,000
Price/Stubb fish passage acceleration $200,000
Hatchery facilities $200,000
TOTAL $1,305,000

Reclamation recommended turning the $1.3 million back for reprogramming. This is probably about half of the unobligated money, since we anticipate that other projects may not be able to obligate all of their capital funding. The Management Committee will have a conference call in July regarding what to do with any remaining money. Larry Shanks said that Reclamation indicated they are about $70-80K in overruns on the road at Ouray (increasing the width of the road from 15' to 18') and the Management Committee agreed to pay this additional cost.

Utah has not billed anything more since the January 31 edition of Reclamation's unliquidated obligations funding table. >Barry Saunders will follow up on this. >Bob Norman will send an email to Barry, Kathleen Clarke, and Leo Lentsch explaining the problem. Barry will report back to the Committee on the $1.1 million for Wahweap by June 26th.

The Committee agree to return $1.3 million to Reclamation for reprogramming. The Committee would like a report on each item for which we turn back funds that explains why they weren't spent (just a paragraph or two for each item) (>Program Director's office). An item will be added to the next Management Committee meeting agenda to discuss how to avoid this in the future.

3. July 14-15 Ground Tour (tentatively moved to July 27th and 28th)

The Committee agreed to Option B, starting the tour in Denver and ending up in Grand Junction. Due to a conflict with CWCB meetings the week of July 13th, the Committee tentatively moved the tour the July 27th and 28th. >Committee members will provide a list of invitees who can attend the 27th and 28th to the Program Director's office by June 19. (If those dates don't work, we will consider August 3 and 4.) >Each Committee member will provide the Program Director's office with a count and list of participants. Invitees will include Management Committee members, biologists (Service and State CDOW biologist, Section 7 biologists), and water management types. >The Program Director's office will contact the biologists. >The Program Director's office also will check on what tour expenses the Service can fund and post something to the listserver.

4. Other

Tom Pitts suggested moving the Implementation Committee meeting to September 17, followed by a ground tour on the 18th and Ouray dedication on the 19th. >Management Committee members will check to see if this is acceptable with their Implementation Committee members.

Peter Evans said that Bruce McCloskey will be the new Management Committee representative for Colorado. Peter briefed the Committee on the status of the 15-mile reach discussions. Slow progress is being made. He discussed the EDF letter and the issue that water rights need to be made meaningful or taken out of the RIPRAP.

5. Next meeting - Conference call on July 15 at 1:00 pm to discuss capital funding obligations. Next meeting August 12-13 (beginning at 9:00 am on the 12th and concluding at 3 p.m. on the 13th) in Cheyenne, Wyoming (which will include some sort of social dinner event on the 12th). Pending items for the August meeting are: review of action items from recent meetings; approval of the draft FY 99 work plan; tracking system; extending the Program beyond 2003; discuss comments on the IMO's; how to avoid turning back capital funds in future years.