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To: Management Committee

From: Director, Colorado River Recovery Implementation Program

Subject: July 1, 1997, Meeting Summary

A minor change was made to the draft July 1 meeting summary. As such, the final is attached for your information.


cc: Management Committee Consultants

and Interested Parties


Meeting: Colorado River Management Committee, Salt Lake City, UT

Date: July 1, 1997

Attendees: See Attachment 1

>Assignments are highlighted in text

Convene: 8:00 a.m.

1. Review/modify agenda and time allocations - No changes were made to the agenda or time allocation. Note that Utah has designated Kathleen Clarke as its official representative on the Management Committee; Barry Saunders will serve as Kathleen's alternate on the Management Committee.

2. Approve May 15, 1997, meeting summary - No changes were made to the draft May 15, 1997 meeting summary, it is now final.

3. Review action items from recent meetings - Actions listed in the attachment remained the same with the following exceptions: >Draft Interim Management Objectives will be sent out July 7, 1997, to the Biology and Management Committees, as well as a group of in-basin peer-reviewers. April 7-11, Washington, D.C. Trip: As of Friday (6/27/97) letters were being circulated for signature. John Shields had assurances that Senators Allard, Campbell, Hatch, and Bennett would sign the letter supporting the Recovery Program's funding request. At the request of the Ad Hoc Committee on Recovery Program Funding, the >Management Committee is to update long-term Recovery Program costs by mid-August. Funding requests are in the budget cycle; Senate mark-up to begin later in July. John Shields had reported 187 project consultations at 224,935 acre feet; there was a double count on 1 opinion.

4. Section 7 consultations. Discussion of Service consultations on the Green River. Wyoming is looking for an efficient and compelling way to demonstrate what they get for their contribution to the Program (this will affect long-term funding). Peter Evans summarized the status of 15-Mile Reach discussions. The latest draft "working proposal" was reviewed with and distributed to the Management Committee at a previous meeting.

5. Discussion of Biology Committee responses to Management Committee questions regarding floodplain restoration and balance in the Recovery Program. Four relevant documents: a) Gary Burton's June 2 post to the list server re: Biology Committee's response to the questions; b) Mike Carnevale's June 19 post to the list server (minority response); c) CREDA's June 27 letter to Peter Evans; and d). Tom Pitts' June 28 minority response. Each of the Biology Committee's responses were summarized and the various contrasting views were discussed. No decisions were made but this issue is expected to surface in FY-98 Workplan development at the Biology and Management Committees meetings. The Management Committee recommended that >Pat Nelson, Robert Wigington, Clayton Palmer, Tom Pitts, and Larry Shanks develop a proposal for using/operating Old Charlie Wash as growout or nonnative fish control, resulting in an alternate scope of work for the FY-98 Work Plan.

6. Ad Hoc Funding Committee Update - Discussion deferred.

7. Updating the long-term funding needs estimate - >Brent Uilenberg, Bob Norman, and Angela Kantola will discuss and update estimates in Table 5.0 (page 53 of the latest RIPRAP), an update will be sent on Green River. >The results will be distributed in advance of the August 14 meeting.

8. Presentation on land acquisition activities - Lands flooded by re-operation of Flaming Gorge are not considered for land acquisition, i.e., this Program is not a flood relief fund. >The Committee recommended a small work group to come up with criteria for acquiring land for bottomland habitat and growout ponds similar to the criteria identified by the Water Acquisition Committee for instream flow acquisition. >Dave Soker will put this group together. >If dollars are allocated, we need a progress table (i.e., like the section 7 table, that identifies progress in land acquisition). Several issues were identified for future resolution, including what role the Management Committee should have in approving acquisitions, how to cover O&M expenses, Utah State lands issue, development of a long-range policy statement, and NEPA compliance. >Dave agreed to coordinate with land acquisition experts at BOR, CDOW, and UDWR in preparing a white paper with a flow chart as the starting point for addressing these and other issues.

9. Update on Management Objectives (MO's) - A technical workshop was held (6/23-24) which determined specific numbers to subpopulations for the 4 endangered fishes. >A draft of these will be sent out on 7/7/97 to the Biology Committee, a group of upper basin peer-reviewers, and the Management Committee. Peer-reviewers will have their comments back no later than 7/18. >The Biology Committee will receive these and meet on 7/25 to discuss what will be going forward to the Management Committee. >The MO's will be sent to the Management Committee on 7/31, 2 weeks prior to their 8/14 meeting.

10. Update on expansion of Interagency Standardized Monitoring Project (ISMP) - The ISMP has proposed increased funding for FY-98 greater than $600K. This reflects the additional costs of expanding to population estimates for squawfish and humpback as well as the full funding for razorback monitoring.

11. Difficulties in obtaining reports from Program participants on certain public involvement activities - The purpose of the I&E Committee and public involvement coordinator is to maintain consistency within the Program. >The Management Committee members need to instruct their representatives to meet the requirements of submitting scopes of work and annual reports.

12. Program Director Position Update - Six individuals are scheduled to be interviewed on 7/16. Peter Evans is still taking questions from Program participants to represent their contribution in the selection process. In the interim, Tom Czapla will continue as acting Program Director until 7/21 when Henry Maddux will "take the wheel."

13. Next Meetings -

Conference Call: 7/28; 2:30 p.m. -5 p.m. (>Program Director's Office will arrange). To discuss the Program's position on the mosquito abatement issue, and the Annual Propagation Operation Plan, and the Genetics Management and Facilities Plans.

Next meeting: August 14, 1997. To review and approve draft FY-98 work plan, review a revised capital project cost estimate for the potential long-term funding authorization, discuss the Management Objectives, select a Management Committee chair, get a final report from the 15-Mile Reach Strategy Workgroup, and develop a proposed agenda for the September 11 Implementation Committee meeting. The meeting will be held at the Service office in Denver, 3rd Floor Conference Room, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Agenda Items for future meetings - Compensation for damages to lands flooded by re-operation of Flaming Gorge.