Water Acquisition Committee

Summary Meeting Notes

December 13, 1999

USFWS Water Resources Conference Room

USFWS Regional Office

Lakewood, Colorado

The Water Acquisition Committee met to review annual reports and related issues. Present at the meeting were George Smith, Chairman; Tom Pitts; Randy Seaholm; Sue Uppendahl; and Art Roybal, Chairman of the Biology Committee. Bob Norman, Vice Chairman, called before the meeting and provided input on several issues.

1. Review/Modify Agenda: There were no additions or modifications to the agenda.

2. Review of FY-99 Annual Reports: The review of annual reports was limited to a status report on submittal of reports which the Chairman had reviewed and felt needed to be modified.


As of December 13, 1999

WAC Reports

No. Report Title Report Status

8 15-Mile Reach gage O&M Report Received

9 Water Right Accusation Consultant Report Received

19H Water Acquisition Hydrology Support Report Received

67 Steamboat Lake Water Lease Report Received

70 Colorado Instream Flow Protection Report Received

71 Colorado Decision Support System Report Received

71a CRDSS Refinement Little Snake Report Received

96 Duchesne River Gage O&M No Report

Cap-4c Gage Below Redlands Report Received

CAP-11 Grand Valley Water Management Report Received

CAP-14 Coordinated Reservoirs Operation No Report

94/CAP24 Duchesne River Coordinated Reservoirs Report Received

CAP-25 Facilities Management Options for Division 5 No Report

17 Green and Yampa Channel Monitoring No Report

85 Colorado River Channel Monitoring Report No Report

86 Peer Review of Geomorphology On Hold

Cap-9 Yampa Operation Plan Report Received

Exception Report:

70.) Colorado Instream Flow Protection: With the completion of the programmatic biological opinion (PBO) for the 15-Mile Reach, other programmatic opinions are expected, including one on the Yampa River. The new approach to flow protection should be included in the annual report. The new approach, as discussed by the Management Committee, will include:

a) on the Colorado River, for 5 years, contingent upon implementation of the programmatic biological opinion;

b) on the Yampa River, pending completion of a programmatic biological opinion;

c) on the Gunnison River, pending outcome of the Aspinall biological opinion; and

d) a programmatic biological opinion on the Gunnsion River, if needed.

The RIPRAP will need be modified to reflect these issues, including a task to review the need for instream flow filings each year.

71.) Colorado Decision Support System: The Chairman suggested the annual report be expanded to include the large amount of work CWCB staff provided to the 15-Mile Reach PBO effort.

71a.) CRDSS Refinement Little Snake River: The need for, including this scope of work in future work plans, was discussed and it was decided that it should be retained as a placeholder for work which may be needed on a Yampa River PBO.

96.) Duchesne River Gage O&M: The Chairman will work with the District to develop an annual report. (This has been accomplished.)

94.) Duchesne River Coordinated Reservoirs: The WAC felt that additional information needed to be included in the report on the status and accomplishments of the project. The WAC Chairman will contact the principal investigator and offer assistance in expanding detail in the report. (This has been accomplished.)

17.) Green and Yampa River Channel Monitoring: The Chairman reported that the report is complete and recommenced that the work be extended until September 2000. Some of the work relating to getting information into a data repository could not be completed because Jim Renee, Water Resources ADP person, was involved in other Service priorities relating to Y2K. The change will be brought to the attention of the Program Director and Management Committee.

Reports have not been received on Coordinated Reservoirs Operations and 15-Mile Reach Channel Monitoring. The chairman will contact the principal investigator to make sure a report is forthcoming.

3. Status Report on 1997-1998 and 1999 Coordinated Reservoir Project Reports: Sue Uppendahl handed out copies of the reports and summarized major accomplishments and issues. The WAC agreed that the reports were sufficient to continue funding the coordinated reservoirs and will report that finding back to the Management Committee. After discussion, it was further agreed that the Draft 1997, 1998 and 1999 Coordinated Reservoir Operations Study reports be finalized by the end of January. Comments are due by January 15, 2000. Sue will incorporate comments received by the end of January. Upon completion, each participant will receive a Final Report (in color!) for the three years no later than early February.

* Comments from Executive Committee and constituents to Leo Eisel by January 15, 2000

* Consultant reviews comments to prepare for Executive

Committee meeting

* Hold Executive Committee meeting to discuss comments and

final alternatives

* Comments incorporated and report for Phase I is finalized by consultant

* Phase II begins (to be discussed at the February 4, 2000 Executive Committee Meeting)

6. Colorado Instream Flow Filings Updated: The status of the work was discussed when the annual report for #70 - Colorado Instream Flow Protection annual report was discussed. One issue that surfaced was the process to be used to identify when it is appropriate for the Recovery Program to consider additional instream flow filings. The issue will be added to the agenda for future WAC meetings.

7. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be dedicated to the review of program staff recommendations for changes to the RIPRAP. The meeting will be held by conference call. The chairman will E-mail WAC members with the number to call and the conference access code. The meeting was set for February 7, 2000 from 10:00 to 12:00.


Agenda December 13, 1999 WAC Meeting

1. Review/Modify Agenda

2. FY-99 Annual Reports - Exception Report

3. Status Report on 1997-1999 Coordinated Reservoirs Project

4. Status Report on Coordinated Facilities Study

5. Geomorphology Peer Review Update

6. Colorado Instream Flow Filings Update/

7. Next Meeting