To: Management Committee, Water Acquisition Committee

From: Chairman Water Acquisition Committee

Subject: Comments on Draft RIPRAP and Program Guidance

The Water Acquisition Committee met on February 4 to review the draft revised RIPRAP and the draft Program Guidance (Drafts). The Water Acquisition Committee review of the RIPRAP was comprehensive and a small number of items were identified which were out of sequence or needed updating to reflect the current direction of the Recovery Program. I have attempted to summarize the these proposed changes and summarize the discussions. Next Water Acquisition Committee meeting was scheduled for July 9, 1998 at FWS. A tentative meeting date of May 19, 1998 was set to work on any issues that might come out of the Colorado River Programmatic Biological Opinion.


9HMG/91-- 15-Mile Reach Gaging: The need to place a permanent USGS gage at the lower end of the 15-Mile-Reach to facilitate administration of the 300 cfs Instream flow water right was discussed. The WAC agreed that a gage is currently not needed but may be needed in the future if new water use develops in the reach.

85 HMG/9801 15-Mile Reach Channel Monitoring: The WAC requested that the guidance be modified as follows. The Scope of Work should be modified to concentrate work on the development of data to fill out the matrix which will be developed in the first year of the research. The scope of work should be modified with the input of the WAC and Biology Committee. (A discussion of this change is presented in the WAC meeting notes, see attachment)

The WAC also discussed adding a new project to the guidance for the placement of a temperature probe on the Jensen USGS gage. The temperature measurements were dropped by Reclamation in 1998 and several program biologists have expressed an interest in the Recovery Program re-instituting temperature measurements. The WAC directed the WAC Chairman to develop a fact sheet and analysis of a USGS temperature probe vs just having the Service (Water Resources) place a thermograph at the gage site.

Proposed RIPRAP Revisions

Page Task Description of Proposed Change

20. I.B.3 Date Changed to 8/98. The WAC Chairman will setup a small group to get this issue resolved (provide recommendations).

26. I.A.3.c. Begin 10/98 Revise text to "provide Winter and Spring flows pursuant to the BO."

I.A4a(3) The Service will draft a letter asking Utah how it plans to address this issue.

27. Ia4b(3) Delete x in FY98 (based on revised Flaming Gorge opinion schedule).

I.B.(3)c Delete x in FY98

31. I.A.4.b.(3) Change Date to 3/01 (Colorado under separate cover will rework all Colorado water right filings dates to correspond to the CWCB new rules (S.B. 64) on instream flow filings. Colorado will also re-sequence some of the filings to reflects RIP priorities.)

31. I.A.5. Delete this where it occurs throughout the RIPRAP (it predates the modifiable instream flow filing process).

Page Task Description of Proposed Change

34. I.C.2 Replace the word "Terminate" with "Management."

36. I.C.1.- Remove - this will be addressed with the work

b.&c proposed on Page 20 above.

40. I.a3.c- Change status to ongoing until a long term

(1)(b)I) lease is in place.

I.a3.c- Change date to FY 99


I.a3.c- Change date to FY 99


41. I.A.3.c(3)(b) Delete parenthetical (no longer relevant).

41. I.A.3.c.- Change activity to "Implement evaluate process

(3)(c)ii) and hydrology & provide an annual report"

42. I.A.3.c.- Change status to "Technical evaluation

(3)(e)i) complete pending further discussion"

I.A.3.c.- Status change date to begin 9/98, complete

(3)(f)iii) 4/01.

43. I.B.3.c.(2) Status change to complete. Add new item here and on page 49 to: "continue annual coordination (meeting 3 times per year) of Aspinall operation until BO is completed. X all years

48. I.A.4 Change Date to 9/99

I.A.5 Change Date to 3/00

49. I.C.3.b.(1) Status change to complete. Add new line as above in I.B.3.c.(2)

I.C.3.d.(2) Change date to 4/00

I.C.3.d.(3) Delete x in 99. Change status to begin 4/00, ongoing.

50. II.B.1.f. Change status to ongoing.