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River Temperature Data

Aerial Photography
This imagery was flown at approximately 1500 ft. above the rivers. The mosaics are made from individual frames stitched together into approximately 1/2 mile segments, some are individual frames. Photo mosaics have a pixel resolution of 4 to 6 inches, a swath is about 1/3 mile.
6/3/08 & 8/29/08 - Gunnison R.,Colorado R. confluence to North Fork
6/4/08 & 6/5/08 - Yampa R., Maybell to Steamboat
6/5/08 & 8/28/08- Green R., Split Mt to Sand Wash
8/28/08 - Green R., Town of Green River to Colorado R. confluence
6/4/08 - Colorado R., Loma to Rifle

Channel Monitoring Data

Sediment Transport Studies


STReaMS provides a centralized location for the data from the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Endangered Fish Recovery Programs. As a result of ongoing recovery activities over the past two decades, primarily stocking and monitoring, a large quantity of data pertaining to both stocked and wild endangered fishes has been collected. The STReaMS database facilitates the retrieval, management, and entry of this data.