The Programs produce a variety of publications for different audiences.

Program Brochure

Our Program Brochure provides an overview of the species, the seven elements of recovery and the partners that make recovery possible.


Brieifing Books

Every year, representatives from our non-federal partners meet with executive and legislative branch leaders to discuss the importance of the programs. The Briefing Books provide a summary of information to support those meetings.


Historical Document

The four species have a long and storied history in the Colorado River basin. The Historical Document provides interviews and photos from those who knew these fish when they were common.


Swimming Upstream

Each year, stories are collected from our field crews who spend every day recovering these species. Swimming Upstream compiles those stories for your enjoyment.


Nonnative Fish Brochures

Predation by nonnative fish are the largest remaining hurdle to recover the endangered species. This brochure details the problem.