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Flow Recommendations

Mimicry of the natural hydrograph is the foundation of the flow recommendation process for the San Juan River. The flow recommendations require mimicry of statistical parameters of flow based on flow/geomorphology/habitat linkages and the statistical variability of the pre-dam hydrology rather than mimicry of each annual hydrograph. Therefore, the resulting flows will not mimic a natural hydrograph in all years, but will mimic the variation and dynamic nature of the 65-year record (1929 to 1993) of the San Juan River. The hydrograph recommendations are designed to meet the conditions required to develop and maintain habitat for Colorado Pikeminnow and Razorback Sucker and provide the necessary hydrologic conditions for the various life stages of the endangered and other native fishes. The conditions are listed in terms of flow magnitude, duration, and frequency during the spring runoff period. Duration is determined as the number of days that the specified flow magnitude is equaled or exceeded during the spring runoff period of March 1 to July 31.