Upper Colorado River Program Committees

Each of the 10 partners hold positions on the five committees that manage the Program. The three technical committees, noted in green below, provide the majority of the technical recommendations used to guide Program actions. The Management Committee approves all budgetary expenditures, flow recommendations, and guides all policy decisions. The Implementation Committee provides overall vision for the Program and ensures the Program is meeting it’s dual goals of recovering the listed fish species while supporting water development in the basin.

Map of committees that manage the Upper Colorado Program. A red box sits on the top of the diagram, followed by the Management Committee directly below in blue. Three green boxes include the Information & Education, Biology and Water Acquisition Committees..

For more information on each of the committees, including contact information for each of the committee members, please see the subpages under this menu or with the links below.

Implementation Committee

Management Committee

Biology Committee

Information & Education Committee

Water Acquisition Committee