CWCB Laserfiche WebLink Searchable Library of Colorado River Endangered Fish Technical Documents and Reports

 Instructions for Using the Laserfiche Library:

The Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program’s (UCREFRP) library of scientific and technical documents is hosted by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) on Laserfiche WebLink, their public portal for read-only Internet access to documents.

The Laserfiche site contains a large scientific/technical library of documents and reports about the Colorado River fishes and the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program (with a few going back as far as the 1800’s) through 2009. Until it is updated, please access current Recovery Program final reports on the Technical Reports page.

To best use the site, please start by making sure you have your internet browser set to allow pop-ups.

In the Customize search box, choose Template. Then in the template box below, choose UCREFRP.

At this point, you will see a pop-up dialog box that reminds you:

“NOTE: This site contains resources which incorporate material contributed or licensed by individuals, companies, or organizations that may be protected by U.S. and foreign copyright laws. These resources are flagged ‘YES’ in the Copyright Material field. All persons reproducing, redistributing, or making commercial use of this information are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions asserted by the copyright holder. Transmission or reproduction of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use as defined in the copyright laws requires the written permission of the copyright owners.”

Just click “Okay” to proceed. This warning may pop up several times as you navigate the site. Whenever it does, please just click “Okay” to proceed.
To search the library documents by author, enter the author’s name in the box below “Author” surrounded by asterisks, like this: *Hawkins*
To search the library documents by title, enter a word or words from the title surrounded by asterisks, like this: *pikeminnow*
To retrieve the full PDF of a document (e.g., for printing or saving) after it appears in your search list, make sure you’ve allowed pop-ups, then click the PDF icon.


We welcome comments and questions. Please contact or 303-236-4573 if you need help using the site or have comments as to how it might be improved.