Researcher’s Meetings

Researcher of the Year

The Researcher of the Year Award is presented at the Upper Basin Researchers Meeting to an individual who has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the recovery of the endangered fishes and who has made significant contributions to understanding their biology and environmental needs. The recipients are listed below.

2023 Tracy Diver

2022  Katie Creighton

2021  Koreen Zelasko

2020  Jerrod Bowman

2019  Mike Gross link and Zane Olsen

2018  Scott Durst and Nathan Franssen

2017  Tildon Jones

2016  Matt Breen

2015  Outstanding Achievement Award presented to Dave Speas and Mark McKinstry

2014  Melissa Trammell

2013  Steven Platania

2012  Dale Ryden 

2011  ROY Award not given. Outstanding Achievement Award presented to Krissy Wilson

2010  John Hawkins

2009  Bob Burdick

2008  Award Not Given

2007  Patrick Martinez

2006  Kevin Christopherson

2005  Award not given. Special Awards presented to Tom Nesler and Bruce Haines

2004  Kevin Bestgen

2003  Doug Osmundson     Special Award presented to George Smith

2002  Richard Valdez

2001  Chuck McAda

2000  Darrel Snyder

1999  Ed Wick